GroVia® Magic Stick


Diaper Rash Prevention

Clean. Simple. Organic.

All-Natural Diaper Ointment

Easy to use Magic Stick goes on smooth and keeps baby’s delicate area protected and comfortable.

I love this stuff!!! It smells wonderful and works well for eczema too!

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Diaper Rash Prevention

Diaper rash is less common with the use of cloth diapers. But unfortunately it still can happen. To help prevent diaper rash change your baby’s diaper often, allow your baby’s bottom to dry (before putting a diaper on), use a baby & diaper friendly diaper balm/cream with each diaper change (to protect skin before a rash). All you need is a thin layer rubbed into your baby’s skin, not globbed on to the diaper. Think of it like chapstick for your baby’s bottom. We ask that you use ones that have been approved for use with cloth diapers, such as Grovia Magic Stick, Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly, or organic pure coconut oil.


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