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Your baby doesn’t come with a manual…but your diaper service does. Please read through this booklet for the ins and outs of how everything works. If you have any questions, please know that we are here to help! You can email us anytime or schedule a phone consultation or virtual diaper demo.


Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Please enter your name and email below and we'll get you set up for your 2nd delivery. Happy Diapering!

First Delivery

Your first set of diapers & supplies will be delivered 7-10 days before your due date, on your weekly delivery day based on where you live. Your diaper service will be on hold until your little one is born and starts using the diapers. Once your baby is born and you are ready to get started using the diapers, please be sure to let us know by activating your service. If your little one is already here and you are making the change to cloth diapers, you will receive your first delivery the next week on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (depending on where you live) and regular weekly deliveries will begin right away.

The Diaper Pail

When you receive your first set of diapers and your starter package you will be given a heavy duty diaper pail that is yours for as long as you are using the diaper service. Please take care of it as we hope to use it for many years to come. This pail is amazing! It has a “teddy bear cage” that can hold a carbon filter that allows airflow to the diapers ( a MUST for a cloth diaper pail!), but keeps the smells in the pail.

With each delivery you will take your clean diapers out of your green delivery bag and put them in your chosen storage spot. Then line the diaper pail with the delivery bag. The smooth green side of the bag is in fact the inside of the bag and the white seams go on the outside.. Please be sure to use the bag the correct way to avoid unnecessary damage and staining. You will also receive an extra bag to use to line your pail when you put your bag of dirty diapers out on delivery day.

Diaper Pail with Green Pail Liner

The Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is this amazing little piece of magic that goes in that Teddy Bear Cage in the lid of the diaper pail. Simply twist open the teddy bear cage and put the carbon filter inside. The carbon filter comes wrapped in plastic (ugh) so please remove the filter from the plastic first. The carbon filter should last 3 – 6 months. Everyone has a different level of smell sensitivity and some babies have smellier poos than others. If you notice the pail being smelly while the lid is closed, it is time to switch out the carbon filter. We provide the first one with your starter package. Additional carbon filters may be purchased from us and delivered with your next delivery. If you order one, please be on the look out for it in your delivery bag. The bags are big and they will find their way to the bottom.

Helpful Hint: The diaper pail has two lid closures. We recommend closing just one side so that you can easily open and close the diaper pail with one hand.

Pickup & Delivery

Your delivery day is pre-determined based on where you live in our service area. On the morning of or the night before your delivery day:

1: Simply remove your bag of dirty diapers from the pail by pulling the drawstring up to close the bag and slide the lock down.

2: Lift the bag out of the pail and wrap the drawstring around the top of the bag to secure it closed in order to keep the critters out and the smells in. Please do not tie it in a knot.

3: Then place the closed bag in your designated dry secure location (front porch, back porch, etc).

4: Our driver will swing by between 9am and 3pm and exchange them with a bag of clean diapers. 

5: Our delivery routes change from week to week so please wait until you have received the delivery confirmation email before bringing them in. We provide a 3rd green bag in rotation so that you will always have one to line your pail.

What if we don’t have a covered porch?

We recommend getting a plastic tote for your bag of diapers for rainy/snowy Ohio weather. Although our delivery bags are waterproof and will keep the diapers dry, the bags will get wet and muddy on the outside if left out in the rain/slush/mud/snow.

What if we forget to put our diapers out?

Deliveries only occur in your town once a week. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your diapers out for pick-up when we arrive. I highly recommend setting a weekly reminder alarm on your phone for a time that is convenient for you, either the night before or the morning of your delivery day.

If you do forget to put out your dirty diapers, we will still deliver your bag of clean diapers.

However, you now have all of your diapers in rotation. So you have two choices:

1: Do nothing and we will plan for a pickup only next week since you have all of your diapers.

2: Drop your bag of dirty diapers off at our location ASAP so that we have time to wash and return them to you next week. Contact us for directions.

1. Set the rise snaps:
We carry two sizes of our All-In-One diaper: The Newborn AIO fits babies from 6-18lbs and The Regular AIO fits babies from 12 – 35lbs. To accomodate these size ranges our AIOs have rise settings that can be adjusted by snapping the horizontal snaps. You will want to set the rise snap to the smallest setting to start so that you don’t get a saggy sad diaper:

2.  Next, place the diaper under baby’s bottom at his/her natural waist (in line or just under belly button). Not all the way up the back like you would with a disposable.

3. Pull the front of the diaper up between baby’s legs so that it fits like underwear.

4. Secure the leg snaps (the second row of snaps) on both sides You will want the diaper to fit snug around the legs.

5. While baby still has an umbilical cord stump, you will want to leave the diaper open at the top to keep the cord dry. The diaper has an inner waterproof tummy panel as you can see in this picture:

6. When you do snap the waist, be sure to keep it comfortable and not to tight so as to avoid the muffin top.

1: Lay the diaper and cover under baby’s bottom with the top of the diaper lined up with baby’s belly button.

2: Fold the diaper inward so that it is narrow in between baby’s legs.

3: Pull the diaper & cover up between baby’s leg and secure the cover in place.

4: Be sure that all of the cotton is tucked in around baby’s legs and at their back.

For newborns with runny poo, you will want to secure the diaper around baby with a Snappi Fastener.

1: Lay the diaper under baby’s bottom with the top of the diaper lined up with the belly button.

2: Either fold or roll the sides of the diaper inward so that it is narrow in between the baby’s legs. This naturally creates a poop pocket…you know, to contain the poop.

3: Pull the diaper up between baby’s leg creases (like how underwear would fit) and then fan out at baby’s waist.

4: Pull the back wings of the diaper up over the front and hold the diaper in place with one hand.

5: With your other hand, attach the Snappi Fastener from one side to the other side and pull to secure down the center. 

6:  Secure the cover over the diaper and be sure that all of the cotton is tucked in around baby’s legs and at their back.

While your baby still has their umbical cord stump you will want to fold down the front of the diaper under the cord before pulling the wings up to secure the diaper in place. Be sure to keep the cover below the cord as well to keep it dry.

As baby gets older and their poos become more formed and less frequent, you may want to switch to simple a padfold.

The padfolded prefold is a great way to have diapers already preloaded in a cover for quick and easy diaper changes for busy on-the-go babies and toddlers.

1: Fold the sides of the diaper in to create a padfold.

2: Lay the padfolded diaper in the cover and place under baby’s bottom.

3: Pull the diaper & cover up between baby’s legs and secure the cover in place.

4: Be sure that all of the cotton is tucked in around baby’s legs and at their back.

Diaper Covers

  • With each diaper change you will only need to change out the cotton insert that you will toss in the diaper pail for us to clean. The cover can be reused until soiled. You can always wipe down the inside of the cover as needed and swap between a few covers throughout the day.
  • Once soiled, covers will need to be laundered, either with a quick hand-scrub in the sink with some detergent or simply toss them in with your regular laundry. Be sure to secure the hook & loop tabs so that they don’t stick to everything in your wash. Then either dry on low or lay flat to dry.


Cotton Diaper Sizing

Small (purple edge): 5 – 16 lbs 

Medium (red edge): 10 – 30 lbs

Large (blue/brown edge:) 18 – 45 lbs 

Every baby is different, so these are just averages. On the low end of the weight range, you will be able to use a Snappi to fasten the diaper. On the upper end of the weight range, a padfold will work best. You may request a sample of the next size up at any time. 

When you are ready to size up

Fill out the form under “Account Changes” and we will prepare your first set of larger diapers for the next week’s delivery. Hold onto your current size and use those up first, if you can. 

Diaper Count & Rotation

On your first delivery you will receive your first set of diapers (80 small diapers for example). On your second delivery, you will receive your next set (another 80 small). You now have all of your diapers in rotation (160 small). Beginning with the third delivery, you will receive back the number of diapers that you returned the week before, and so on.

If you find that you consistently have too many diapers leftover each week or you find yourself running low, we can adjust your total diaper count in increments of 20. In order to make adjustments to your service in time for your next delivery, please contact us by noon 2 days prior to your delivery day.

What to do if my baby is soaking through diapers at night?

Soaking through diapers at night probably means that your baby is sleeping for longer periods of time. Hooray! You can double up your cotton diapers for more absorbency. For the all-in-one diapers, you can swap some of your extra diapers for hemp doublers. We recommend tucking the hemp douber underneath the top flap that has the stay dry layer.

We have also found great success with a “Sleep Change.” Babies/toddlers tend to pee the most in the first few hours of sleep shortly after their last feeding. So, assuming you put baby down around 7pm and then you manage to stay up to watch a movie or read a book before bed. Try to sneak in and change baby’s diaper around 10pm. Baby will most likely be sleeping heavy enough at this point that you should be able to do a quick diaper change.

What about that poofy bum?

  • Yes, cloth diapers that are made of 8 layers of 100% organic cotton are going to be bulkier than disposables made of compressed wood pulp, plastic, SAP, sodium polyacrylate, etc. Embrace the fluffy bum with pride knowing that your baby is wrapped in the comfort of cotton! And yes, that means you will probably need to size up the baby’s skinny jeans.
  • Some parents may worry that the bulkiness might hinder their baby’s “rolling over”, “crawling”, or “walking” milestones. Trust us on this: A poofy bum will NOT get in their way once they are ready! There are generations of us who have cloth diapered babies that can attest to that.

Baby on the move!

  • Once your little one is mobile, diaper changes will be more challenging. You will have to be creative and have a special toy or song or something to entertain them while you get the job done. 
  • This might be a good time to switch to the quick and easy padfold method and have the diaper/cover combo ready to go so you can quickly make the change.
  • Our red edge medium diapers are the perfect length for a tri/padfold if you find that the large diapers are too long for your cover.

What about the poop?

Don’t worry, there is no need to rinse the diapers. Simply toss soiled diapers into the pail and our wash process will take care of the rest. Once your baby has solid poo, shake the solids off into the toilet before tossing in the pail. This will help reduce diaper pail odor and it can be a great way to show your potty learning toddler where the poop should go.

Keep out!

This should go without saying, but do not let disposable diapers, disposable wipes, snappis, plastic bags or other wayward items (the list is endless) get tossed in with your diapers. If any of these items slip into your pail, we ask that you fish them out. The reason: they can BREAK THE WASHING MACHINES and stain the diapers. So please, please be on your guard and let babysitters, etc know that the pails are for OUR CLOTH DIAPERS & CLOTH WIPES ONLY. 

Lost and Found. For any items that turn up, we maintain a “Lost and Found” bin. If you think you lost a stowaway, please email us with a detailed description (size, color/pattern, brand, date, etc) and we’ll do our best to find it. However, we occasionally donate unclaimed items to charity throughout the year.

Please use our cloth diapers for baby bottoms only. Our wash process is set up for baby poo & pee. Using the cloth diapers for anyting else can cause unnecceary staining & wear. If you would like to purchase a set of our retired diapers for rags or burp cloths, contact us for availabilty.  

Wash Process

The diapers are professionally laundered in an industrial washer/extractor with EPA Safer Choice certified detergent and commercial grade hydrogen peroxide. Throughout our wash process we utilitize Aquawing, the only CDC approved commercial Ozone Equipment. Your baby and our environment are our top priorities. At the end of our wash cycle the diapers are fully cleaned, sanitized, rinsed so that no soap or residue remains, and are pH balanced and ready for your baby’s bottom.

Cloth Friendly Diaper Creams

Choosing a cloth diaper safe cream simply means that it will wash out of cloth diapers keeping them reusable for many years to come. Creams that are NOT considered safe contain cod liver oil and petro chemicals like petroleum, petrolatum, or mineral oil that will not wash out and you probably don’t want to put that stuff on your baby’s skin anyways. Cloth friendly products contain ingredients that you will be happy to apply to your baby’s skin. Here are some of our recomendations:

Alba Unpetroleum Jelly

BBDS Organic Diaper Balm

Balm Baby Diaper Balm

California Baby

Chagrin Valley Soap Baby Powder

Chagrin Valley Soap Baby Bum Salve


Earth Mama Baby Organic Diaper Balm

Esembly Every Day Balm  and Esembly Rash Relief

Grovia Magic Stick

MotherLove Diaper Balm

Thirsties Booty Love

Please please please do NOT use Desitin OriginalBesides that fact that it smells like fish (ugh yuck!) it also contains talc!!!, And it will permanently stain the diapers and they will have to be removed from our rotation defeating the purpose of using a reusable diaper.

Please see “Replacement Costs” on the last page.

Responsibilty & Replacement Costs

The diapers, diaper pail and any other rented items are your responsibilty from the moment that we drop them off until we pick them up. You are responsible for the replacement cost of diapers & supplies that have been stained from improper use, lost, un-returned, stolen, or damaged while in your care. Please take care of our diapers & supplies so that they can stay in rotation for years to come.

Small (purple edge) $2 each

Mediums (red edge) $3 each

Large (blue edge) $3.50 each

XLarge (yellow edge) $4 each

Diaper Cover $10 each

Wipes $0.50 each

Newborn AIO $10 each

Regular AIO $15 each

Doublers $3 each

Cotton Trainers $4 each

Delivery Bag $15 each

Diaper Pail $50


When you sign up for diaper serivce you will pay for your first 4 weeks upfront.

After we’ve delivered your first set of diapers, there is a built-in 4 Week Grace Period to allow for late babies and slow starts. Let us know right away when you are ready to start using the diapers and we will plan for your first diaper exchange, on your predetermined delivery day based on where you live.

Your first diaper exchange counts as the end of week one. If you have only used the diapers for a day or so we can post pone your first diaper exchange until the following week.

Recurring billing kicks in at the end of your first 4 weeks of diaper service and will continue automatically every 4 weeks on the day before your next delivery.  Every time your card is charged, we will send you an email receipt.


Maybe not right away, but at some point you will go on a vacation. When you do, just let us know at least a week beforehand so that we can plan accordingly. We will deliver your diapers as usual the week before you leave (and if you would like, we will include some Bambo Nature single-use diapers to take with you). You will use the cloth diapers as usual until you leave for vacation. As long as the dirty diapers are left in the pail in a cool dry location (like in your basement if you do not plan on leaving the air conditioning on while you are gone), they will be fine until your next diaper exchange. We will obviously skip your diaper exchange the week that you are gone and then resume on your next regularly scheduled delivery day when you return.

Please note: Our service is billed every 4 weeks like a gym membership. Because our diapers are in your home reserved for you, the weekly fee is assessed every week even when on vacation.

Potty Learning

It is never too early to start “potty learning.” I prefer to take the stress out of potty training by simply teaching your toddler that the potty is where we all go poop and pee. Making it part of the conversation early on and then letting your toddler take the lead when they are ready. I recommend getting a little potty and letting them sit on it with each diaper change, or even taking them to the bathroom and letting them sit on their own potty while you sit on yours. Slowly start talking about it and giving them the opportunity to try it out. This approach worked well for us and was far less stressful then drastically switching gears later on. Toddlers love to learn and do what the rest of us are doing. When they are hungry for knowledge and opportunity give it to them.

This is our daughter Carlee when she was just 12 months old pooping in her little potty. She didn’t potty “train” until she was two but that potty was always there and a part of our daily life and eventually when her body was ready and she was emotionally ready to start wearing underwear regularly it was easy. 

We do offer potty learning pants along with the diaper service. They are basic white underwear with a little bit of padding. In my own experience when it comes to pull-ups whether cloth or disposable, if it feels like a diaper your kiddo is going to treat it like a diaper and that will slow the process down. Giving them the choice to put on underwear or a diaper gives them the conscious choice to give the underwear a try and a reason to stay dry and use the potty. You can request a sample at any time. When your toddler is ready to give them a go, we can swap out some of your diapers for the potty learning pants.

Ending Service

We know that all babies eventually learn to use the potty and no longer need our services, or that familes move out of our delivery area, or that some choose to wash diapers on their own, or for some they decide that they just are not into the reusable cloth diaper thing….and that is okay. We are here to provide a service for you when you need us….when you don’t, we hope that you are able to leave happy and satisified with your experience. Please reach out if you are struggling with cloth diapering. We have been doing this thing for awhile and probably have a solution.

We do ask for at least one week’s notice so that we can prepare for your final pickup. Please note that there are no refunds for the first 4 weeks of diaper service. After that, refunds for unused weeks of diaper service are given in the form of a gift certificate or store credit.

Final Pickup

On the day of your final pickup, please be sure to:

1. Remove your carbon filter.
2. Wipe the pail down inside and out.
3. Have all remaining diapers, wipes, doublers, and potty learning pants packed in the green bags.