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We will schedule your first delivery 1-2 weeks before your due date and then place your service on hold until you have notified us that your baby has arrived. If your little one is already here and you are making the change to cloth diapers, you will receive your first delivery next TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY (depending on where you live) and regular weekly deliveries will begin right away.

Yes, when you receive your first set of diapers and your starter package you will be given a heavy duty diaper pail that is yours as long as you are using the diaper service. This pail is amazing! It has a “teddy bear cage” that can hold a carbon filter that allows airflow for the diapers (a MUST for a cloth diaper pail!), but keeps smells in the pail.  With each delivery you will take your clean diapers out of your green delivery bag then use the bag to line the pail. The smooth darker green side is the inside of the bag.

Diaper Pail with Green Pail Liner

Do I have to use pins? Not at all! Our cotton diapers are made to fit in a modern diaper cover. You simply place the cotton diaper in the cover and wrap around your baby.

For a more snug fit, you can secure the diaper in place with a Snappi.

Our Better Fit cotton diapers are sized to fit in ANY modern diaper cover, hybrid shell, wrap, or pocket diaper.  I personally love the trim fit of Thirsties Duo Wraps and the perfect sized newborn covers that we offer in our starter bundles.

You can also find a variety of quality covers at your local natural parenting store:

Round 2 Kids in Cuyahoga Falls

The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon

Or you can purchase or rent a set from us!

With each diaper change you will only need to change out the cotton insert and the cover can be reused until soiled. You will want to have at least 4 – 6 covers.

Caring for your covers at home is easy! With each diaper change you are just changing out the cotton insert (that we will be washing) and you will go through 3-4 diaper changes before switching out covers. Simply toss them in with your regular laundry as needed. Then either dry on low or lay flat to dry.

*Be sure to close hook & loop laundry tabs before tossing in wash so that they don’t get stuck to everything.

We carry two sizes of our All-In-One diaper: The Newborn AIO fits babies from 6-18lbs and The Regular AIO fits babies from 12 – 35lbs. To accomodate these size ranges our AIOs have rise settings that can be adjusted by snapping the horizontal snaps. You will most likely be starting with a newborn, and you will want to set the snaps to the smallest setting to get started.

1. Set the rise snaps:
The newborn diapers will fit babies from 6lbs up to 18lbs. So you will want to set the rise snap to the smallest setting to start.
Otherwise, you get a saggy sad diaper:

2.  Next, place the diaper under baby’s bottom at his/her natural waist (in line or just under belly button). Not all the way up the back like you would with a disposable.

3. Pull the front of the diaper up between baby’s legs so that it fits like underwear.

4. Secure the leg snaps (the second row of snaps) on both sides You will want the diaper to fit snug around the legs.

5. While baby still has an umbilical cord stump, you will want to leave the diaper open at the top to keep the cord dry. The diaper has an inner waterproof tummy panel as you can see in this picture:

6. When you do snap the waist, be sure to keep it comfortable and not to tight so as to avoid the muffin top.

On your first delivery you will receive your first set of diapers (80 small diapers for example). On your second delivery you will receive the next set (another 80 small). You now have all your diapers (160 small) in rotation, so on your next delivery, you will receive back the amount of diapers that you set out the week before.

Small diapers: 80 per week (160 in rotation)

Medium diapers: 60 per week (120 in rotation)

Large diapers: 50 per week (100 in rotation)

XLarge diapers: 40 per week (80 in rotation)

On your first two (2) deliveries we will deliver the number of diapers you’ve ordered upon signing up. Beginning with the third delivery we will place you in a rotation system, which means that the number of used diapers you return in one week will be returned to you the following week. We assume that if you don’t return soiled diapers, they are clean in your home. 

In order to make adjustments to your service in time for your next delivery, please contact us at least a few days prior to your delivery date.

If you find that you have too many or too few diapers each week, we can adjust your set in increments of 10 per week (20 in rotation).

Small diapers: 5 – 12 lbs (fastened), up to 15lbs (tri-folded)

Medium diapers: 10 – 20 lbs (fastened), up to 30lbs (tri-folded)

Large diapers: 18 – 25 lbs (fastened), up to 45lbs (tri-folded)

X Large diapers: 25 lbs +

Every baby is different, so these are just averages. If a diaper is getting too snug to fasten (even with fanning the diaper out nice and wide at the waist) then it is probably time to size up. If your baby is soaking through diapers even with frequent diaper changes then it is time to size up. You may request a sample of the next size up at any time.

When you are ready to size up just let us know and we will deliver your first set of the next size diapers on your delivery day. The following week, when your second set of diapers are delivered, please put out all remaining smaller diapers.

Whether in cloth or disposables, you need to change your baby’s diaper when it is soiled or about every 2 hours (more often for newborns, less often for older babies and toddlers).

Choosing a cloth diaper safe cream simply means that it will wash out of our diapers keeping them reusable for many years. They also contain ingredients that you will be happy to apply to your baby’s skin. Here are some of our recomendations:
While using any type of ointment or cream you really only need a small amount. Just a thin layer over baby’s skin should do the trick, otherwise you are just wasting product as it just sits on the diaper keeping it from be able to absorb.
Creams that aren’t safe generally contain petro chemicals like petroleum, petrolatum, or mineral oil that do not wash out. Please please please do NOT use Desitin Original. Besides that fact that it smells like fish (ugh yuck!) it also contains talc, and it permanently stains the diapers and we have to remove them from our rotation.

Don’t worry, there is no need to rinse the diapers. Simply toss soiled diapers into the pail. Once your baby has solid poo, just shake the solids off into the toilet before tossing in the pail. If it is not shakeable, don’t worry about it. Just toss it in the pail.

The diapers are washed in a commercial washer/extractor with water that has been heated to a sanitizing temperature using an in-line on-demand commercial water heater, and washed with EPA Safer Choice certified products.

Soaking through diapers can be a sign that your baby is growing and possibly in need of an increase in diaper size and/or diaper covers. It can also mean that your baby is sleeping for longer periods of time. Hooray! You can use 2 diapers for long sleep periods or ask us about adding doublers for the nighttime diaper.

We also have found great success with a bedtime diaper change. Babies/toddlers tend to pee the most in the first few hours of sleep shortly after their last feeding. So, assuming you put baby down around 7pm and then you manage to stay up to watch a movie or read a book before bed. Try to sneak in and change baby’s diaper around 10pm. Baby will most likely be sleeping heavy enough at this point that you should be able to do a quick diaper change.

Your delivery day is pre-determined based on where you live in our service area. On the morning of your delivery day, simply remove your bag of dirty diapers from the pail, and place the closed bag in your designated dry secure location (front porch, back porch, etc.). Our drivers will swing by between 9am and 4pm and exchange them with a bag of clean diapers. We provide a 3rd bag in rotation so you will always have one to line your pail right away.

I totally understand how pregnancy brain turns into tired-mommy-brain to busy-mommy-brain and that things can be forgotten. However, deliveries only occur in your town once a week. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your diapers out for pick-up when we arrive. There is no shame in setting a weekly reminder alarm on your phone. Believe me…I do that for everything!

If you do forget, we will still deliver your bag of clean diapers. However, you now have all of your diapers in rotation. So you have two choices:

  1. Do nothing and we will plan for a pickup only next week.
  2. Drop your bag of dirty diapers off at our location before next week so that we have time to wash and return them to you. Contact us for directions.

For your convenience, our service is billed and payable in advance every four weeks. Your billing cycle begins the first day you begin using the diapers. The day our driver comes to pick up your diapers, is the end of your first week. We will create a automatic, reoccurring charge every 4 weeks automatically. Every time your card is charged, we will send you an email receipt. We do not require a long term contract and you can end service at any time. We do ask for atleast a one week notice so that we can prepare for your final pickup. Please note that there are no cash or credit card refunds. Unused weeks of diaper service may be refunded in the form of store credit.  Store credit will remain on file for 2 years. Any credit not redeemed in that time will be lost.

Maybe not right away, but at some point you will go on a vacation. When you do, just let us know at least a week before hand so that we can plan accordingly. We will deliver your diapers as usual the week before you leave (and if you would like, we will include some Bamboo Nature single-use diapers to take with you). You will use your cloth diapers as usual until you leave for vacation. As long as the dirty diapers are left in the pail in a cool dry location (like in your basement if you do not plan on leaving the air conditioning on while you are gone), they will be fine until your next diaper exchange. We will then skip your diaper exchange the week that you are gone and then resume on your next regularly scheduled delivery day when you return. Please note: Our service is billed every 4 weeks like a gym membership. Because our diapers are in your home reserved for you, the weekly fee is assessed every week even when on vacation.

Please notify us by noon the day before your delivery of any changes. We will gladly make accommodations for vacations (the following week), exchange sizes, add more diapers and/or products, etc., for the next day.

To discontinue your service we require a minimum of one (1) week notice in advance of your next scheduled delivery day. After notifying us, it’s important to leave out everything for final pickup (pail, bags, diapers). Please be sure to remove your carbon filter and wipe down the diaper pail before putting it out for your final pickup. At that time, the final diaper count audit is done and you’ll be contacted regarding any refunds or charges due. Remember, if any diapers are missing or damaged, we will need to recover the cost for these missing items. If you wish to keep any items, please contact us for special pricing.

As parents, we know that the day your child no longer needs diapers may be almost as exciting as the day he or she was born. We hope that during the “diapering period” of your baby’s life that our service was everything and more than you hoped for from a diaper service. We will also try and make your transition from diapers as simple as possible.