Please sign up for diaper service atleast one month before your due date so that we can plan to deliver your diapers and supplies atleast a week or so before baby arrives. Your diaper service will obviously be on hold until your little one is born.

If your baby is already here, and you are making the switch to cloth, please allow a week or so for us to get your diapers ready for delivery.

We will schedule your first delivery 1-2 weeks before your due date and then place your service on hold until you have notified us that your baby has arrived. If your little one is already here and you are making the change to cloth diapers, you will receive your first delivery next TUESDAY and regular deliveries will begin right away.

Do I have to use pins? Not at all! Our cotton diapers are made to fit in a modern diaper cover. You simply place the cotton diaper in the cover and wrap around your baby.

For a more snug fit, you can secure the diaper in place with a Snappi.

Our Better Fit cotton diapers are sized to fit in ANY modern diaper cover, hybrid shell, wrap, or pocket diaper.  You can find a variety of quality covers at your local natural parenting store:

Round 2 Kids in Cuyahoga Falls

The Breastfeeding Center in Massillon

With each diaper change you will only need to change out the cotton insert and the cover can be reused until soiled. You will want to have at least 4 – 6 covers.

Don’t worry, there is no need to rinse the diapers. Simply toss soiled diapers into the pail. Once your baby has solid poo, just shake the solids off into the toilet before tossing in the pail. If it is not shakeable, don’t worry about it. Just toss it in the pail.

We wash the diapers ourselves to ensure that the process is baby, earth, and cloth diaper friendly!

First the diapers are counted and sorted by soil level. Then laundered in a heavy duty industrial washing machine with water that has been heated to a sanitizing temperature using an in-line on-demand commercial water heater, and washed with EPA Safer Choice certified products.

On your first delivery you will receive your first set of diapers (80 small diapers for example). On your second delivery you will receive the next set (another 80 small). You now have all your diapers (160 small) in rotation, so on your next delivery, you will receive back the amount of diapers that you set out the week before.

Small diapers: 80 per week (160 in rotation)

Medium diapers: 60 per week (120 in rotation)

Large diapers: 50 per week (100 in rotation)

Small diapers: 5 – 12 lbs (fastened), up to 15lbs (tri-folded)

Medium diapers: 10 – 20 lbs (fastened), up to 30lbs (tri-folded)

Large diapers: 18 – 35 lbs (fastened), up to 45lbs (tri-folded)

Every baby is different, so these are just averages. If a diaper is getting too snug to fasten (even with fanning the diaper out nice and wide at the waist) then it is probably time to size up. If your baby is soaking through diapers even with frequent diaper changes then it is time to size up. You may request a sample of the next size up at any time.

When you are ready to size up just let us know and we will deliver your first set of the next size diapers on your delivery day. The following week, when your second set of diapers are delivered, please put out all remaining smaller diapers.

Whether in cloth or disposables, you need to change your baby’s diaper when it is soiled or about every 2 hours (more often for newborns, less often for older babies and toddlers).

Yes, when you receive your first set of diapers and your starter package you will be given a heavy duty diaper pail that is yours as long as you are using the diaper service. This pail is amazing! It has a “teddy bear cage” that can hold a carbon filter that allows airflow for the diapers (a MUST for a cloth diaper pail!), but keeps smells in the pail.  With each delivery you will take your clean diapers out of your green delivery bag then use the bag to line the pail. The smooth darker green side is the inside of the bag. Using the bag inside out can cause unnecessary staining.

Every Tuesday morning simply remove your bag of dirty diapers from the pail, and place the closed bag in your designated dry secure location (front porch, back porch, etc.). Our drivers will swing by between 9am and 4pm and exchange them with a bag of clean diapers.

I totally understand how pregnancy brain turns into tired-mommy-brain to busy-mommy-brain and that things can be forgotten. However, deliveries only occur in your town once a week. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your diapers out for pick-up when we arrive. There is no shame in setting a weekly reminder alarm on your phone. Believe me…I do that for everything!

Maybe not right away, but at some point you will go on a vacation. When you do, just let us know at least a week before hand so that we can plan accordingly. In general, we will deliver your diapers as usual the Tuesday before you leave (and if you would like, we will include some Bamboo Nature single-use diapers to take with you). You will use your cloth diapers as usual until you leave for vacation. As long as the dirty diapers are left in the pail in a cool dry location (like in your basement if you do not plan on leaving the air conditioning on while you are gone), they will be fine until your next diaper exchange. We will obviously skip your diaper exchange the week that you are gone and then resume on your next regularly scheduled delivery day when you return.

Please notify us by noon the day before your delivery of any changes. We will gladly make accommodations for vacations (the following week), exchange sizes, add more diapers and/or products, etc., for the next day.

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