The BBDS and Cloth Diaper Story

We are a family-owned business, run by myself, a very busy mama. I am not only your own personal diaper doula, I am also a full-time mom, and part-time Registered Nurse. I am very passionate about cloth diapers (and lifestyle choices that reduce waste and minimize yucky chemicals). My goal, as a self-proclaimed ‘Diaper Doula’, is to make cloth diapering easy and accessible for all those who are interested in using reusable diapers. – Carie

Comfort & Convenience

Our 100% cotton diapers feel extra-soft against your baby’s delicate skin. The breathability of cotton allows air to circulate through the diaper, helping to reduce diaper rash.

Our cotton diapers are sized to easily fit into a modern diaper cover, keeping diaper changes simple, while providing great absorbency with multiple layers of pure cotton. We supply everything you need to cloth diaper your baby from birth to learning to use the potty independently. As your baby grows, we are here to make cloth diapering easy for you every step of the way!


Choosing to use cloth diapers helps the environment by using 70% less energy per diaper than creating a comparable disposable. One child in disposable diapers will require 20 trees and 420 gallons of petroleum in just 2.5yrs. It takes upwards of 82,000 tons of plastic and a quarter-million trees to manufacture the disposable diapers that cover the bottoms of 90 percent of the babies born in the US.

Our cotton diapers have a life expectancy of 100-150 washes, and after that they are repurposed as lint-free rags. An estimated 18 billion disposables are thrown away per year in the U.S. alone making them the third largest single consumer item in landfills, after newspapers and food and beverage containers. Disposable diapers take hundreds of years to decompose. That means every disposable diaper ever made is still in a landfill somewhere!

Our Wash Process

The diapers are professionally laundered in an industrial washer/extractor with water that has been heated to a sanitizing temperature using an in-line on-demand commercial water heater, and washed with EPA Safer Choice certified products, Throughout our wash process we utilitize the only CDC approved Ozone Equipment . Our wash process and laundry products are baby, earth, and cloth diaper friendly! We do NOT use chlorine bleach or optical brighteners that artificially whiten your diapers. Our focus is on getting your diapers clean and pH ready for your baby’s bottom.

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